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Chang Jiang 750 - the continuation of the BMW R71, and worthy in its own right. We work exclusively with a single supplier in China to ensure that each bike we sell has been thoroughly refurbished and moderized. See below for specific information on the intensive process a Chang Jiang must go through before it can be certified as a “ScooterBob Chang.”  Don’t see what you like? We can special order a custom CJ just for you! Many options are possible with respect to paint and accessories; singles and sidecar bikes are both available. As always, ScooterBob offers a 90-day component warranty on Chang Jiang cycles. Reserve yours today!

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Chang Jiang 750 Solo - Afrika Korps color.

A sweet running machine and very pleasant to ride. Rare M5 hubs, munitions box, toolbox tank, and headlight blackout cover (not shown).

Chang Jiang 750 solo - Green with pinstripe

Very rare paint color - stand out from the crowd (even more than usual!). Dual seats with custom covers, toolbox tank, rare M5 hubs.

Chang Jiang 750

This is the little black bike that you always wanted! VERY classic look with hand-painted pinstripes and great detailing. Features 12 volt electricals, hidden wiring, electric start, lots of chrome and the shiniest black paint on the planet! Fully documented and a super runner. West Virginia title. Offered at $5,800.

Chang Jiang
Chang Jiang

You missed them! See what you missed on our SOLD page! Contact us to custom order your sidecar Chang Jiang.

More photos of the level of quality that we strive for in these Chang Jiangs are available here.

Why buy a Chang Jiang from ScooterBob?
Why buy a Chang Jiang from ScooterBob’s when you can get it cheaper somewhere else? First, ScooterBob is a licensed, bonded, and insured motor vehicle dealer. When you buy from ScooterBob, you buy with confidence that the bike you get will be LEGAL, fully documented and TITLED. There is no need to pay high fees from a “title company” in the southern USA to essentially lie your way into a title. You’ll have one -- a REAL one -- plus the protection West Virginia offers to all customers of a licensed motor vehicle dealer. ScooterBob is accountable! Second, ScooterBob is a RIDER. He rides EVERY day -- not just to the local flea market for bike night to show off the bikes. Every bike that ScooterBob has is a PROVEN machine -- no “needs tuning” or “doesn’t run right” bikes will EVER leave ScooterBob’s! ScooterBob uses an exclusive builder for his Chang Jiangs and is VERY specific about how they are built. His bikes are probably the most expensive ones built in Bejing as far as reliability upgrades go. EVERY BIKE features:
  • 12-volt electricals with E-Start
  • Upgraded wiring system
  • Hidden wiring
  • Japanese or German bearings and oil seals in the engines, transmissions, and final drives
  • Modern pistons that don't melt
  • Piston rings that seal
  • ALL NEW ancilliary components on the engine -- including carburettors, starters and three-phase alternators
  • ALL NEW soft parts on the whole bike
  • Total frame re-weld and grind smooth
  • ROUND wheels with heavy spokes and nipples
  • "Duck bill" fender on front to keep debris off the engine
  • ... and MOST importantly, ScooterBob parts and service support! ScooterBob is there for YOU!
You’ll not get that combination of build quality, rideability, documentation and support from ANYONE! You can get it cheaper, but as ScooterBob’s hero John Ruskin says:
“There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and those people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey.”
So, go to ScooterBob’s first, or go to ScooterBob’s last -- but GO TO SCOOTERBOB’S FOR THE BEST BIKES and join the ScooterBob family of satisfied riders! At ScooterBob’s, it’s ALL ABOUT the ride!