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2008 Enfield Electra Solo

The ULTIMATE in retro styling with modern performance. Updates include chrome tank, solo seat with custom grab rail, super pinstriping detail, a genuine Lucas headlamp, and more.

RE Military08 Military - SOLD!

RE Deluxe - Blue2006 RE Deluxe

This bike is NEW, never titled. Rare color - only 4 available in entire U.S.! Call for pricing.

ElectraGoldStar look - affordable price!

Royal Enfield Electra X with custom Vintage body kit - only from ScooterBob’s!

The Electra X features AVL’s Lean-Burn design engine and is as frugal as it is good looking! Clocked at over 80mpg's by ScooterBob proves that you CAN have your cake and eat it, too! Scooter gas mileage on a full-sized motorcycle that’ll turn heads. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind Enfield from ScooterBob’s! Call for more information.

Why buy your Royal Enfield from ScooterBob?

ScooterBob is committed to bringing you the BEST Royal Enfield riding experience that you can get. Each motorcycle is carefully uncrated and completely inspected for shipping and storage damage before it is assembled. The machine is then removed from the crate and assembled by SKILLED TECHNICIANS who pay attention to the tiniest detail, ensuring that every fastener is properly torqued and that every component works flawlessly. Each machine is ridden and tested at least 100 miles and adjusted to optimal performance. Quite a few dealers just throw these bikes together and out on the sales floor, making YOU, the buyer, the test rider! This doesn't happen at ScooterBob’s.

ScooterBob will be there to support you in your purchase as well. Every buyer becomes a member of the "ScooterBob Family" and gets treated as such. You’ll not be ignored after your purchase at ScooterBob’s! You’ll have the knowledge of ScooterBob’s staff at your fingertips if you have any questions or problems. You’ll also have ScooterBob’s parts and service available to you in a reasonable amount of time. You’ll not have to do without your machine in riding season. So remember - See ScooterBob first - See ScooterBob last - but see ScooterBob for the BEST in a new Royal Enfield motorcycle!
You can get it cheaper, but as ScooterBob’s hero John Ruskin says:
“There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and those people who consider price only are this man’s lawful prey.”