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Scooterbob and Lowes Performance Parts have teamed up to bring you the best performance engine parts for anything you drive! From Chevrolet to Zundapp - Lowes Performance Parts and ScooterBob have it all:
  • High performance stainless allow or titanium engine valves
  • Custom valve making - to your order!
  • High performance connecting rods
  • High performance pistons
All parts can be custom made to your specifications...specials and "mill run" orders to be announced.

Please call us at 304-201-8550 or send an email to for your custom performance parts needs. We will be happy to work with you over the phone to complete your order.

ScooterBob uses his skill as a certified Master Engine Machinist and his experience as a race engine builder to be sure that the parts that go into your engine are perfectly fitted and matched.
SpeedSecrets does not imply nor is it meant for modifications for racing, high-speed or nonstandard applications.
Go from "stock" to "ROCK!" with ScooterBob's Speed Secrets cylinder heads!
Heads are completely cleaned and inspected, parts are replaced as needed, then the heads ported and polished to give better gas flow, more power and efficiency. These heads feature fully polished combustion chambers for heat reflection and detonation resistance as well as back-cut, swirl polished valves and three-angle valve job. Springs are tested and shimmed upon re-assembly to assure proper action and each head is individually checked for valve leakage prior to shipment. Basic labour for two heads - $300 - parts extra - does NOT include flow bench time!

Even the new "out of the box" parts undergo scrutiny before they are sent out as matched components. Tolerances on individual components should ALWAYS be checked before assembly! Here a cylinder bore is measured for size before being fitted. Pistons are individually measured for fitment to a cylinder and all cylinders are honed to give a precise crosshatch pattern and a tolerance of plus or minus .0005" per matched set. All new cylinders are subject to heat normalization in a five hundred degree oven before being honed and clearanced.

Checking cylinder bore

Cylinder heads are given the same treatment, whether they are "factory new" or being reconditioned. Heads are thoroughly cleaned of all carbon deposits and are inspected for cracking in critical areas. All guides and valves are replaced during reconditioning and the valve seats are precision machined to an industry standard three-angles. All other parts are carefully scrutinized and scrapped if not up to at least factory standards. Finished valve seats are individually hand-lapped to their valves just prior to assembly. The heads and other parts are again washed in a phosphorous solution and heat dried, then carefully re-assembled and the valve seats leak tested before shipping.

Cylinders and heads

Valves may be back-cut and a five-angle valve job may be done for the performance-minded Dnepr owner. Heads can also be ported and polished with the intake runners and combustion chambers cc'ed for maximum performance. ScooterBob recommends his Speed Secrets Top Engine Kit for the serious "go-fast" owner*. The kit includes two export (high compression) cylinders, two weight matched pistons and pins and high performance USA-made low friction piston rings, as well as ported and polished cylinder heads. All parts have been clearanced, weight matched and machined to give maximum performance from your Dnepr without the expense of one-off custom made parts. Call for price and availability on parts and machine work - all kits sold on an exchange basis pending usable cores.

fitting piston
*As with any high performance parts there is no warranty expressed or implied. Please do not use Speed Secrets Kit parts on any engine that has bearing damage or wear as the extra stress will cause engine failure.
Speed Secrets pushrods are HERE!!

Throw those junk Dnepr pushrods away and replace them with ScooterBobs' "Speed Secrets" brand! Unlike the stock pushrod that are made from soft (bendable) solid aluminum stock with the ends sometimes pressed on, ScooterBobs' pushrods are high alloy steel with hardened ball ends welded in place to assure long life. ScooterBobs' pushrods are all the same length, too - unlike those factory ones that may be 6mm different in length! The ball socket ends on the Speed Secrets rods are all the same size, too - no more dubious valve adjustments. Tests have shown that the Speed Secrets rods will HOLD a valve adjustment as tight as .002"! Try a set today! Priced right at $40 for a set of 4 - $12 cheaper than most STOCK sets! Sold in sets of four only.