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New Royal Enfields, restored CJ 750s and quality pre-owned motorcycles.
Chang Jiang 750
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Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard that importing a CJ750 can be a nightmare – what problems will I have when I get a CJ750 from

You’re correct in that legally importing a CJ can be a huge headache – it really requires a lawyer AND a good broker!
ScooterBob saves you all the hassle by handling ALL aspects of the legal import of the bikes – from bonding in to
proper paperwork – you are covered.

I read on the forums that people have a lot of trouble getting their CJ’s titled and registered. What do I have to
do when I get the CJ750 from ScooterBob to get it legal?

ScooterBob provides each CJ750 buyer with a clean, legal title. The registration process varies from state to state –
be sure that you check with your local authorities before you go to your DMV. Typically, however, there have been no
problems getting the bikes registered (even in the Northeast States!) with a clean, legal title. ScooterBob has a bit of
experience with what many states require – and he is happy to help you out whenever possible.

What are the extra charges for this service at ScooterBob’s?

When you purchase a CJ750 from ScooterBob, there are NO “hidden charges”. The price quoted is what you’ll pay to
pick up your bike and your documents at ScooterBob’s. Transportation to YOUR area is extra, however.

How long is the wait from ordering to receiving the bike?

It depends on how busy the build shop is at the time. Obviously, during the mid-summer months the wait will be longer
as the orders accumulate. The typical wait is usually about 3 to 4 months until you have the bike under you.

What if I don’t ever get my bike?

ScooterBob has never failed to deliver a bike – ever! You do, as a client of ScooterBob’s, have the protection of the
State of West Virginia. ScooterBob is the ONLY state recognized, licensed, bonded and insured Motor Vehicle Dealer
legally importing the CJ750 bikes at this time. You also have written protection in the form of a sales contract from
ScooterBob’s that outlines all the responsibilities of the parties involved. YOU, the client, are protected!

Are parts available for the CJ750?

ScooterBob has all the “keep ‘em running” parts on the shelf – plus many connections all over the globe to get you
those parts that you need to keep the bike on the road. From points to pistons, ScooterBob has your parts!

Who will service the CJ750?

ScooterBob is happy to service your bike – but he STRONGLY encourages YOU, the owner, to lay your hands on the
bike and get to know it. The owner who is familiar with basic mechanical operations can perform all routine services.
ScooterBob is also available via email to assist you with any problems that you may have.

I read on the forums that CJ750 stay broken all the time – is this true?

There are a few fellows who import the CJ’s that are less than scrupulous. They will bring in a very substandard
mechanically prepared bike with shiny paint and a cheap price. ScooterBob’s bikes are all ridden in China before they
are shipped – and ScooterBob rides and adjusts the bikes HERE before they are delivered. So far, the problems with
ScooterBob’s bikes have been very minor – or owner induced. All of ScooterBob’s clients ride and smile – they don’t
wrench a lot!

How fast with the CJ750 go?

The CJ750 was a military design from the late 1930’s – it only had to be slightly faster than the tanks that it was
scouting for. TOP speed on the CJ750 is about 100kph (about 60mph) a good cruising speed for the bikes is about 60-
70kph depending on tuning and loading. Overspeeding the engine will result in heat overloading and failure. The
speeds listed are the same for the OHV and the Sidevalve engines, as the gearing is the limiting factor – not the
horsepower of the engine.

Can I get a BMW engine in my CJ750 to make it go faster?

Yes you can – Jim Bryant has been doing BMW conversions for years and has quite the good reputation. ScooterBob
does not offer these bikes, however.

Can I modify the engine in my existing CJ to go faster?

Certainly ANYTHING can made to go faster – but if going FAST is your only goal – go buy a Honda Goldwing and be
done with it. The CJ750 is a wonderful, old-school bike and when used within its original design parameters and
properly maintained, will give years of reliable service. The bikes were not designed for speed and they are not meant
for speeders. The CJ750 is proof that life is better at subsonic speeds! Enjoy the ride!