ScooterBob's EuroBike
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About ScooterBob (aka Greg)
ScooterBob's EuroBike is a dream over 20 years in the making. Greg Stewart, owner of ScooterBob's, acquired that moniker many years ago while working in an auto dealership because of his penchant for riding his motorcycle to work regardless of weather conditions.

Greg's passion for motorcycles continued throughout his career as an automotive technician and later as a teacher of automotive technologies. He has collected quite a few European and Japanese motorcycles and always had "visitors" at the house to be reconditioned or repaired. Working on the bikes was always more pleasureable than the demands of working on automobiles, so Greg hatched a plan to turn his hobby and passion into a career. After the acquisition of two Commie-bloc sidecar motorcycles, a niche seemed to open in the vast motorcycle industry, and the idea of ScooterBob was born.